The technology behind the software

The right technology for an easy data import

The most difficult – and thus most time-consuming – part of introducing software is often its integration into existing infrastructure, in particular, the connection to source systems and the transfer of the relevant data. This is over now: As a provider of FPM software, we have developed a tool that automatically transfers data from various third-party systems neatly into our database while also making it equally easy for you to enter data in relational and multidimensional databases.

Get to know the strengths of our software – from the easy integration into your existing IT infrastructure to its outstanding usability and the cutting-edge technology that helps to ensure transparency and security.

Intelligent and impressive technology


The specialist department perform adjustments completely independently to meet changing requirements

Pioneering technology

Use the latest powerful technology, such as LucaNet.Financial OLAP Server and multidimensional, in-memory databases

Simple integration

Open system architecture and seamless integration into larger system landscapes

Security and flexibility

High level of security thanks to SSL encoding and range of different access levels

Benefit from perfect interface connections

With more than 200 ready-made interfaces, LucaNet offers perfect data integration to all kinds of ERP and financial accounting systems (e.g. SAP, MS Dynamics NAV, Diamant, Sage, proALPHA, DATEV etc.). LucaNet data can also be exported in a data model optimized for BI tools ("star schema") and flexibly integrated into any BI front end.


One database, countless possibilities

The technological heart of our software is LucaNet.Financial OLAP Server. The specialist OLAP database comes with a preconfigured, multidimensional data model for Financial Performance Management, allowing you to plan and consolidate in real time (Realtime Financial OLAP). The data model is constantly being updated, so you can always see the effects of changes to the data, consolidation steps, or adjustments to the plan – at every level and in every period.

Another of the outstanding features on offer is the ready-made financial data warehouse. The software’s built-in financial accounting logic allows you to fully integrate your planning and legal consolidation without even the slightest format change. All of this helps to ensure that training and implementation times are kept to a minimum, while also providing an extraordinarily interactive and efficient working atmosphere.

How data transfer with LucaNet works