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The tool for business intelligence and dashboarding

Sound analyses require figures that are reliable and up to date. Only then can they facilitate decisions that will stand up to scrutiny. This is why records that are relevant to such analyses need to be maintained constantly in both quantitative and qualitative terms. Ideally, the process is also automated. This is another area where LucaNet offers the perfect solution.

Our apps enable LucaNet software to interface seamlessly with tools like Microsoft Power BI, opening the door to a fully integrated combination of financial performance management and business intelligence.

BI and Dashboarding

Has our solution for BI and dashboarding piqued your curiosity? If so, download the further information we've put together on LucaNet and Microsoft Power BI.

What you need in a modern reporting solution

Our tool for BI and dashboarding is sure to be the right solution for you thanks to all the functions it offers, which include:

  • “Best of breed”: The ultimate combination of a suitable BI/analytics tool for operative planning and dashboarding with the business accounting expertise of LucaNet’s software for financial performance management
  • Simple, clear, and transparent generation of ad hoc analyses in the LucaNet front end
  • Automated provision of LucaNet figures in external data sources
  • Seamless integration with any BI or analytics tool
  • Globally available reporting without access restrictions on other source systems

An intelligent solution for BI and dashboarding

How LucaNet can benefit you

Open system architecture

All the figures in LucaNet can be exported into a “star schema” data model optimized for BI tools, which gives you the flexibility you need to integrate them into virtually any BI front end.

“Best of breed” solution

In a group-wide business intelligence environment, LucaNet handles the core financial accounting. This means your LucaNet software will offer you centralized functionality that conventional BI solutions just can’t match due to the complex technical requirements involved.

Planning logic

LucaNet provides a range of planning options, including planning forms, wizards, and Excel integration. If you find you need even more, you can also import individual planning time series from your established BI tools at the push of a button.

Only LucaNet simplifies complexity

Juxtapose any data levels with ease while taking advantage of sparklines, traffic light functions, and comments.

You can visualize all the data available in LucaNet using ad hoc graphics for quick and easy analysis.

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